Council votes for privatisation of Bonnyton House

East Renfrewshire Councillors yesterday voted to approve the privatisation of Bonnyton House, the only public residential care home in East Renfrewshire.


Scottish Conservative Councillors voted to oppose its sale.


Commenting on the vote Eastwood MSP Jackson Carlaw said:

“Eastwood residents and their families who rely on this local asset have been betrayed by a Council unwilling to properly look at any options other than privatisation.

“People often criticise the Conservatives for being in their mind too pro-business but here in East Renfrewshire my colleagues voted to keep open Bonnyton House as they recognise the need for a public residential care home that serves local residents locally.

“Only time will tell how services will be affected by this decision of Scottish Labour and the SNP but one thing is clear: they cannot be relied upon to protect your local services.”