Broomburn Park Survey

Paul Masterton MP and I are undertaking a consultation of local opinion on the proposed development at Broomburn Park. Please take two minutes to let us know your thoughts. 

Prospective development at Huntly Park

Paul Masterton MP and I are carrying out a consultation of local views with regards to the proposed development at Huntly Park. Please take a minute of your time to let us know your thoughts.

Jackson Opposes Gladman Development

Jackson has today written to East Renfrewshire Council to register his objection to the proposal to develop on the land West of Glasgow Road in Waterfoot. You can read Jackson's full objection below. 

Ruth backs East Ren Council Campiagn

Ruth Davidson spent Easter Friday supporting East Renfrewshire Conservatives’ campaign to take control of the local authority, which has long been controlled by Scottish Labour.


During the day Ruth Davidson visited:

We said No in 2014. We meant it.

Jackson Carlaw MSP is to hold two 'No to Independence' events in Eastwood following upon Nicola Sturgeon's commitment to hold another secession referendum.


Now is not the time

Find below my speech made to parliament this afternoon. 


Presiding Officer


Any cook will tell you that both the correct ingredients and the correct timing are essential to get a soufflé to rise. Get either wrong and the whole thing will irretrievably collapse.