Council reverse decision not to award children living in the catchment area a school place at Crookfur Primary

Paul Masterton MP and Jackson Carlaw MSP have welcomed the reversal of an initial council decision not to offer a place at Crookfur Primary to at least 15% of catchment area children due to a lack of capacity at the school.


A significant number of angry and frustrated parents had contacted both Mr Masterton and Mr Carlaw seeking assistance with the matter after being told their children would not be able to attend Crookfur Primary despite residing within the catchment area.


Mr Carlaw and Mr Masterton wrote to the council’s Director of Education calling on the local authority to re-assess the earlier decision and to reach a solution allowing the children to attend Crookfur Primary.


East Renfrewshire Council have confirmed with the local MP and MSP that the earlier decision has been reversed and that all of the affected children have now been offered a place at the school.


Mr Carlaw and Mr Masterton have sought clarification from the local authority on what specific actions have been taken so that the children are now able to attend Crookfur Primary and they are awaiting a response.


East Renfrewshire MP, Paul Masterton said:


“Many parents had got in touch with us to express their dismay upon hearing from the council that their children had been denied a place at Crookfur Primary.


“This was a deeply unsatisfactory situation considering Crookfur is the children’s catchment school and it was clear to us that the initial decision had to be looked at again.


“We welcome the reversal of the council’s earlier position and it will come as relief to parents.”


Eastwood MSP, Jackson Carlaw added:


“It was a concern to learn that a significant number of young people had not been offered a place at Crookfur Primary despite residing in the catchment area.


“We are pleased that the council have now re-considered the matter and confirmed with us directly that the children will now be able to attend the school.”